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Number of Claims 2022202120202019201820172016
Opened during year572539166157
Disposed of during year39111281347
Pending at Year End90725831233019
Pending at Year End$1,985,045$2,420,804$2,286,205$1,516,783$181,574$293,794$438,351
Approved and Reimbursed13234602
Approved and Reimbursed$281,198$101,655$15,544$20,877$21,050$0$200,000
Dismissed – Fee Disputes1103325
Dismissed – Lack of Cooperation from Claimant0000000
Dismissed – Restitution by Attorney or Other0211410
2022 Claims Paid Against
Christopher S. BouslogUnearned Fee5$149,044.51
Gerard Lee LoyUnearned Retainer2$2,550.00
Robert F. MillerUnearned Fee1$5,232.72
Richard T. MiyaoUnearned Fee1$367.41
Leon E. PaskerConversion1$20,527.30
Stuart E. RaganUnearned Fee1$30,445.00
David A. SerenoUnearned Retainer2$31,430.00
Gary M. TsujiConversion1$41,601.76
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